We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care! We will not put you in a box, and fit your signs and symptoms into a modality as most health care practitioners will do. We, at Best of Both Worlds, are committed to discovering what is at the root of your ailment or dysfunction, then apply the appropriate modality or technique to aid your body's own healing potential to bring back your health and vitality, lessening or alleviating your pain and/or dysfunction. To do this we employ a full panel of assessment techniques to reveal your bodies' dysfunction (i.e. muscle, fascia, joint, ligament, craniosacral, swelling, inflammation, energetic, and/or visceral lesions). Our highly trained and experienced staff then utilizes the tools that deal with the associated dysfunction. We are committed to educating the public on the distinctions between Spa Massages/Treatments and Therapeutic Massage, Medical Massage, and Bodywork. The main distinction here being the level of educational commitment and legitimacy that extends beyond what a protocol tells you to do and into a window of our own creative healing abilities and modalities.


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